Apple to replace iPhone 6 Plus blurry cameras

Apple launches replacement program for faulty iPhone 6 Plus cameras

Cameras of Apple iPhone 6 Plus phones sold between September 2014 and January 2015 are affected

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has the best camera of any iPhone; but, it’s been reported to have problems with its camera. With just less than a month away until the company is expected to reveal its new iPhone, Apple is recalling a number of 6 Plus models due to faulty cameras.

Apple has announced an “iSight Camera Replacement Program” for iPhone 6 Plus models sold between the phone’s launch period of September 2014 to January 2015. It was found that many of these devices while using the main camera on the back of the phone produced blurry images.

A “small percentage” of the 5.5-inch iPhones seems to have been affected with the problem lying with a limited range of serial numbers. The problem does not affect the standard iPhone 6, so the 6 Plus’ optical image stabilization component could be at fault. Also, the front-facing FaceTime camera is also unaffected.

Apple has decided to replace the camera, if it is found faulty. The company is encouraging the iPhone 6 Plus users to report regarding the faulty phone on their official support page.

So, how do you find out if the camera is faulty?

To find your serial number, you need to go to Settings -> General -> About on your iPhone, and the serial number is somewhere halfway down. To copy the number, you need to tap and hold it.

To check the phone’s eligibility, enter the serial number on the support page. If it does, you can take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple store with an appointment, or you can contact Apple’s tech support and make other arrangements.

Apple is strongly recommending its users to back up their data up to iTunes or iCloud before having the phone serviced, as phones may be wiped or replaced outright as part of the repair process. Apple will replace the camera, rather than the whole phone.

The program will cover faulty iPhone 6 Plus cameras for up to three years after you bought your phone, but apart from that does not change the standard one-year warranty or the two-year AppleCare+ warranty you may have purchased.

The fact is that Apple’s iPhone has the most popular camera in the world, and the next iPhone, expected to be called the 6s, is supposedly to go up a notch higher on that front. John Gruber, a well known Apple blogger claims that the next iPhone will have “the biggest camera jump ever”, with a “weird two-lens system” that could see it rival DSLR cameras. Recently, Apple blog The Michael Report claimed that the camera will be able to record 4K quality video.

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