Google Confirms Chrome Browser Issues in Windows 10, Fix coming soon

Aw, Snap! If you are facing issues running google chrome on windows 10 then you are not alone, lots of users have reported the same after the new windows 10 update.

The majority of these issues are reportedly coming from Symantec endpoint protection users, in this case, you should first update your Antivirus.

While there can be several reasons why chrome is not working for you or is crashing on your PC. This article might help you find a solution.Chrome ON Windows 10

First and foremost be sure you have a working internet connection, secondly, you might want to check if other web browsers are working on your PC or laptop or not. If Google chrome is still not opening or crashing, you might want to look below for additional fixes.

Workaround For The Chrome Crash Issue On Windows 10

Fortunately there are several workarounds if google chrome is not working on your Windows 10 PC.


Update your Chrome browser.


Reinstall the Chrome, see if this fixes the issue.


Go to Programs (x86), Google, Chrome, Application, RIGHT click on Chome.exe, Properties, delete the “e” to rename the app to Chrom or Chrom.exe depending on the display name.

Delete any pinned Taskbar shortcut of chrome.

Run Chrome from the Start menu Then you can re-pin it.


Right-click on the chrome icon shortcut, click properties and add on the end of the target path –no-sandbox


Restart your system in Safe Mode and Clear cache and cookies.


Right-click on the chrome icon shortcut, click properties and add on the end of the target path –disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity

If you know of any other way that helped you to fix this issue, do let others know in the comments below.


  1. Obviously, you guys aren’t as smart as I thought you was or you’re trying to get everyone hacked. –no-sandbox disables Chrome’s security. Use x86 Chrome until Google fixes this bug.

  2. Thank you very much guys!!! .. of all the website i visited in solving my problem regarding “Cant run Chrome on Windows 10 … your Method3 solved my problem perfectly 100% … again thanks to you guys and Hurray to your Web Site!!! More Power To You!!!


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