Facebook’s new patent could make you think again about your friends list

You might not like this : Facebook’s new patent will allow creditors to determine your credit rating for loan approvals based on your social behaviour

On Tuesday, Facebook obtained a patent that would not only assist in filtering inappropriate emails and disrespectful content posted on the wall but also improve the performance of searches. It will also let lenders use your social behavior to ascertain a credit approval limit.

According to the patent’s explanation, the credit rating of your Facebook friends could help the lender determine the credit approval, if you apply for a loan. In order for your loan to be approved, the average credit rating of your friends altogether needs to be at least a minimum credit score.

It is unfair to have a system that would judge someone’s credibility of the friends they have online or offline. A move like this from Facebook could force people to unfriend someone based on their inability to pay loans, which very unlikely.

Though nothing has been confirmed by Facebook how they would use this patent just yet. Further, to decide your creditworthiness, the lenders have to follow the laws that are in place. If the patent is put into effect, it may end up creating a situation that may not be comfortable to many Facebook users, specially in the Western countries.

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