Watching Netflix TV shows and movies together with your friends at same time is now easy due to this extension

No doubt you had wished that you could watch that TV show or a movie with your friend staying a few blocks further or in a different city while chatting away on FB Messenger or GChat. Earlier, the only method was to attempt to Skype video call with friends and near ones or press play at just the right second.

Now you dont need to do all that with a simple Chrome extension that lets you sync and play TV shows and movies on Netflix at realtime. A new service called Showgoers will sync up both of your Netflix screens so you can watch a show or movie at the same time.

The free extension is now available for Google Chrome and has a very easy user interface. Just install the extension, find a show and click on the glasses in the corner, send the link to a friend and you can whatever you want on Netflix, together across blocks, cities, countries or continents.

Here’s a demo video if you want to see it at work.