Watch how self-healing material handles a bullet (video)

Researchers backed by NASA have created a material which can self heal in seconds. The material is made up of two layers of solid polymer sandwich a gel that with an ingredient that solidifies on contact with air (i.e. when one or both of the outer layers is damaged).

While other researchers are trying out self healing material using mostly liquid compound, this process differs from them. Watch this video to get an idea of how the material self heals after getting shot at.

We had earlier reported about a similar research being carried out by a team at the University of Bristol. Lead by Prof.Duncan Wass, the team is working on their own self-healing material. Prof Wass has confirmed that the self-healing products will reach consumers in the “very near future”. His team specialises in modifying carbon fibre composite materials, the strong but lightweight substances used increasingly widely in the manufacture of everything from commercial aircraft wings to sports racquets and high-performance bicycles. They have been working with aerospace engineers at the university to know if there was a way of preventing the tiny, almost undetectable cracks that form in an aircraft’s wings and fuselage.