Record Your Windows Desktop Screen With These 9 Free Screen Recorder Apps

Here’s A List Of 9 Free Screen Recorder Apps For Recording Your Windows Desktop Screen

A screen recorder can be can be useful when you need to record a how-to video to help someone learn how to use a program, record a game walkthrough, or prepare for a presentation.

A screen recorder is a very easy-to-use screen-to-video capture program, developed on top of Windows Media Encoder, that lets you easily capture what is going on to a small video file and allows you to save that file to be shared with your friends or maybe upload it on YouTube.

Recording your screen on a video provides you great resource and makes your presentation more than useful. Listed below are the nine free screen recorder programs that can capture the screen of your Windows PC.

Free screen capture software like watermarks will always have some disadvantages and limitations. However, the recorder programs listed below do not leave watermarks. Further, they can export to a file format recognizable to most video editing softwares.


Ezvid has an easy and effective user interface that comes with an in-built video editor where you can perform functions like adding text between clips, splitting recordings, making a slideshow with extra effects and more. Further, you have to upload your video to YouTube through the program itself, as it does not allow to export your video.

It also has an option as ‘Gaming mode’ that needs to be enabled to record the windowed mode of your game. A few music clips is included in the program. However if you do not wish to have the music, then it will be replaced by a ‘Silent machine’ that sounds like a small fan from a computer. After you have completed editing your clip, you can add in other pictures, video clips as well your voice.


CamStudio is one of the most well equipped and featured pack screen recorder that comes with many options to tweak the way it records. It allows you to enable or disable your mouse cursor, record sounds from programs or a microphone (or have no sound at all), enable custom screen annotations, allows to select only record part of the screen, records at different frame rate speeds, etc.

For example, 1 FPS (frames per second) to create a time lapse video effect, or 30 FPS for a smooth video. All these features make this software highly useful and resource friendly.

Blueberry Flashback Express Recorder

While making the video, BlueBerry Flashback Express Recorder lets you use your webcam and records the screen plus record your face from the webcam. After you have stopped recording, it creates an FBR file which can be edited with its packaged video editor.

However, if you do not need your facial expression while recording your screen, you can simply disable your webcam, and a file (with .AVI extension) can be exported right away. Otherwise, you can use the software to place it and resize your webcam box before exporting it. Even though it requires you to register (for a free account) after 30 days of usage, it still provides you with all of its functions before you register.


For Screenr, an online web application to work, it only requires Java to be installed on your system and no other software program. You select the area on your screen you want to record, which is maximum up to 5 minutes. All recordings are saved into your account. After recording, you will be provided with a link that you can share. You can upload it on YouTube or also export your video to MP4. You can also register with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo or Windows Live account in order to use Screenr for free. It also provides a bookmarklet so that you can record without going to the website.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Rylstim Screen Recorder just records your screen after you hit the ‘Start Record’ button. It records events appearing on the monitor, incorporates the mouse pointer plus the visualization of the usual and right clicks of the mouse keys. This is handy for people who just want a basic recorder and do not want to configure anything. This program does not record sound from input devices like a microphone. You do not require any special skills to start the initial installation. You can get begin with video recording as soon as you have chosen the necessary video codec.

The only options available determine if you want to show your left or right mouse button clicks in the video. If you enable the mouse click options, a red ripple will appear at your cursor. Further, if you left click, a green ripple will appear for right clicks. This mouse click ripple effect will only be visible when you view your recording.


Webinaria is another easy-to-use screen recording for software demonstrations and tutorials. It can record a custom selection, a program window or your entire screen. You can choose from 3 frame rate options; 5, 10 and 15 FPS (frames per second).

Videos are produced in AVI file format. If you were using Google Chrome before running Webinaria, Google Chrome will be detected as the program window for recording.

Krut Computer Recorder

Krut Computer Recorder does not require installation but uses Java to work. After downloading, you will have a folder where you will have a KRUT.jar file and you need to run it to start the program. Many options such as selecting the captured area, recording frames per sec will be available, which can set by the user.

There is an option called ‘Follow Mouse’ that captures the area around your mouse, wherever it moves to. When using the ‘Follow Mouse’ feature, you can enable preview mode to see the captured area as you record. This program outputs to three types of files: the WAV file only has the audio recorded, while of the two MOV files; one has no audio and the other has both audio and video of the recording.

DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder

This screen recorder has a simple user interface carrying 9 icons. The first icons will capture screen, the last four will record screen and the ninth icon will give you the option for editing. It also exports the video to an AVI file format, and allows you to add specific date and time in the filename of your recorded video. The good thing about this program is its automatic file naming options that helps the user to keep track of many back to back screen recordings.


Jing is a web-based service, which allows easy recording of your screen and videos (maximum 5 minutes). In comparison, to the above softwares it many useful features and also has instant option to upload video to

You can use/download the App by clicking on the link given. If you are using some screen recorder App which is not mentioned here, kindly mention the same in the comments section for others to refer.

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  1. I can tell you spent a quality time reviewing these solutions to record Windows screen. If you want, you may add Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro as it is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Like the tools mentioned above, you can record the entire screen alongside its audio simultaneously.


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