The most popular and most downloaded Chrome Extensions of 2015

These are the most popular Chrome Extensions that would enhance your browsing experience

Welcome to the world of amazing Chrome extensions, which has widgets to improve your entertainment quotient, niche plugins with dedicated functionalities and plugins that make web browsing more secure than ever.

Chrome productivity extensions provide functionalities such as reminders, to do lists, event managers, and lists management making the productivity with the web more enjoyable. With cool new Chrome apps at your disposal, everything right from gaming links, content from social profiles, and content relevant to your favorite topics is served through your browser. Use specialized plugins to add niche compatibility widgets, enable all sorts of multimedia content, add one click connections to your favorite networks, all this and more with Chrome entertainment extensions.

Given below are the best Chrome Extensions:


1Password is a password manager that goes further than storing of simple password by directly combining your web browser to let you login into websites automatically, easily create passwords, fill registration forms and enter credit card information.


It allows to replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring weather, todo, and inspires you to be more productive.


It brings together your devices, friends, and the things you care about in one place and make it easily accessible. In other words, your messages, photos, songs, and links that live on your phone, tablet, computer, and all the other devices are all brought together, which may have been sent from your friends, and sometimes from people you follow.

Earth View from Google Earth

Every time you open a new tab, Earth View displays a beautiful Satellite image from Google Earth that you can experience.

Google Input Tools

The Google Input Tools extension allows to easily switch to typing in a different language with the click of the mouse, and switch back. It provides virtual keyboards for over 90 languages, handwriting input for over 40 languages, and full IMEs or direct transliteration for over 30 different scripts.

Coupons at Checkout

If you are a obsessive online shopper, this extension is a manna from heaven for you. At the time of checkout, it will remind, display, and automatically enter coupon codes for you with a single click.

UpTo for Google Calendar

You can follow TV shows, sports schedules, concerts, and more, without having to leave your Google Calendar. Next to your Google Calendar, you can Browse UpTo’s enormous directory of calendars and follow the ones you care about.

Evernote Web Clipper

You can clip web pages as you browse and keep them all in Evernote. Anything from research article, travel confirmation, etc. can be collected in Evernote forever. You can organize the data and find it on any device.


If you like having all your services under one roof, Taco is a must have extension. Taco ( brings all of your existing tasks from 40+ services like Asana, Basecamp, Gmail, Basecamp, Trello, Zendesk and more on to Chrome’s new tab page.

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

You can view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without having to install Office on your computer. Once the extension is installed, Office files that you drag into Chrome, and open in Gmail, Google Drive, and more, will be opened in Docs, Sheets, and Slides for viewing and editing.

Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow is a productivity extension which induces you to keep time limits as per plan. You can plan a 25min/5min workflow: 25 minutes of distraction-free work, followed by 5 minutes of break. Repeat as necessary.

1. Start a 25-minute work timer with a click, and work without distraction.
2. Start a 5-minute break timer with a click, and sit back and relax.
3. Repeat until all your work is done.

Search by Image (by Google)

Sometimes you need to search for a term but the only thing you have got is a image. Search by Image is a search engine devised to do just that. By using any image on the web uploaded by the Google Images team, you can start a Google search using this extension.

The Great Suspender

Most of us open lot of tabs which are rather useless and memory hoggers. The Great Suspender automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources. To reduce memory footprint of chrome, the extension unloads, parks, or suspend tabs. Tabs can suspended manually or auto-suspend after a configurable period of time. To avoid automatic suspension, tabs can be whitelisted. Suspended tabs are not discarded after closing and reopening browser, which avoids many tabs from all reloading after a restart. Very simple, easy to use and understand interface.

Google Dictionary (by Google)

This is one extension you need to have on your Chrome. Searching for the right word or to find the correct meaning of a word, you need this extension.

With this extension, you can:

1) View the definition of any work in a small pop-up bubble by double-clicking on it.

2) Using the toolbar dictionary, view the complete definition of any word or phrase.

3) Store a history of words you have searched, so that you can practice them later. Foreign words are automatically translated to your language of choice.

Cite This For Me: Web Citer

With the click of a button, you can automatically create website citations in the APA, Chicago, MLA, or Harvard referencing styles. Browse simply to the page you wish to cite and click the button to produce a correctly formatted citation. Then add it to your online bibliography for safe keeping until later or copy-and-paste the citation into your assignment.

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome™

Sometimes you find an article which is a must read but you would like to read it distraction free. You can make it easier to read web articles with Send to Kindle for Google Chrome. Just send the content you want and not the distractions.

Important features include:
1) Send blog posts, news articles, and other web content to Kindle.
2) Send web content to Kindle in one step or preview before you send.
3) Select text from the web page and send it to your Kindle.
4) Before sending, edit the title and author of your document.
5) Read anytime, everywhere on reading apps and your Kindle devices.

6) Choose to archive content in your Kindle library, where you can re-download it conveniently at any time.

Hola Better Internet

You can access websites blocked in your school, company, or country with Hola! This is NOT a peer to peer application. This extension does not encourage the download of any other products nor links to and is fully functional without it needing any additional download/component.

All the extension are hyperlinked to the Google App store. You can mention your favourite extension in the comments below and we will include it in the article.

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  1. Excellent article, Kavita. Do check out, really good for sharing emails (by just adding labels – no need to forward), and for delegating emails to your team-mates. It also lets you write notes on emails.


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