This guy pranked his parents with a simple iPhone hack and the results are amazing

Adding a shortcut to parents phone everytime they type”No” leads to some hilarious results

A boy played a prank with his parents with an easy iPhone hack and the outcome is glorious

Kids these days know how to get their things done by their parents. Also, with most of them being technology freaks, this makes its even more easier for them to do so. That’s what Reddit user nasshole did with his parents.

With just a simple iPhone hack,  nasshole (real name Brendan, according to the extremely angry texts) pulled an astonishing prank on his parents and later posted the consequences online.

“Added a shortcut to parents phone every time they type ‘No,'” he writes above a scede shot of a recent conversation with his poor parents. He actually made a shortcut in his mom’s phone that replaced “no” with “HELL YES” and at the same time, he made a shortcut in his dad’s phone that replaced “no” with “WHERE THE BITCHES AT.”

Well, the results were beautiful, when he asked them that if he could throw a party:

Changing NO to something else on mum's and dad's iPhone leads to some hilarious results

If you have to pick up a favorite part of the conversation, it would be definitely be where the dad is saying “Brendan, she’s trying to say WHERE THE BITCHES AT”.

This prank is so uncomplicated and yet so amazing. So, how about stealing your mom’s phone next time and sending message saying “Forget studies. It’s time to party hard tonight.”

You can upvote the ingenious bloke at Reddit or Imgur.

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