Early iPhone 6s owners say that the phone is ‘Too hot’ to touch

Users of early iPhone 6s complaining that ID Touch button is hot to touch

In our last article regarding iPhone 6s, we had mentioned how early owners of iPhone 6s were complaining how their phones were randomly getting shutting down in spite of sufficient charge. Now, there are fresh reports from early iPhone 6s users who are complaining about Touch ID buttons becoming too hot to touch. This issue was first reported by 9to5Mac and confirmed by user complaints in Apple’s Support forums as well as on the Twitter microblogging site. The new iPhone was released on September 25.

In a thread on Apple’s Support Communities, several users describe a similar problem. According to them, the phone’s TouchID-equipped control regularly becomes ‘burning hot’, making the device not only uncomfortable, but at times impossible to use. However, the problem would go away after holding the home and lock buttons for 10 seconds, resetting the phone.

Owners vented their frustration by voicing their displeasure on Twitter.

“This morning, when I woke up, the home button was burning hot and the screen is just black,” says one Twitter user. “I went to bed with it working just fine last night, plugged it in to charge, and now it won’t work. Nothing else is hot, not even the charging port, just the home button is on fire. I have had the phone unplugged for an hour and the button is still on fire.”

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘My iPhone 6s turned off and won’t come back on and the Touch ID is hot to the touch’, while another added: ‘Facing the same issue as many others! Burning hot Touch ID on my new iPhone 6s Plus..’

According to reports from 9to5Mac, the users are also experiencing a number of other bugs with their new iPhones, mainly software related. With the addition of 3D touch, users are reporting that normal taps on web links won’t open up Safari as normal, and others complain of poor sound quality with the iPhone 6S’s internal speaker.

One user reported the issue to Apple Support but the customer service agent said ‘he hadn’t heard of anything’ and advised her to make an appointment at an Apple Store.

Apple has thus far offered no official comment on the ‘hot Touch ID buttons’ issue reported by the early iPhone 6S owners, maybe because such small issues are generally reported in early production devices and are patched via software updates. The hardware is replaced or repaired only when necessary.

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