Magic Leap technology which includes holographic display may be included in Google Glass

Project Aurora, the upcoming project from Google Glass, is still based on old-school technology, and users still have to see flat pictures that get overlapped on a 3D world. Well, it may not be the case anymore. Google is most likely planning to make a hologram display for Glass.

A “head wearable display” that would show holograms being developed by Google is most likely another patent uploaded at USPTO. The company is looking to design a device very much similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens that would create an augmented reality experience which would not be restricted by screens anymore and all the information would be shown in front of people’s eyes up close and personal than simple displays. The patent which was filed in March 2014 displays Google’s research into how it could unite its head mounted display technology with AR.

Currently, it is too early to judge as to what would Google do with the new patent. However, one can imagine that Microsoft’s HoloLens will most likely sometime in the future have some fresh competition, but not at the moment. That Google is developing a new generation of Glass is no secret, which promises to be more rugged, with better Wi-Fi radio emitter making sure that it has a much larger bandwidth, along with larger screens and also a larger rechargeable battery.

Google is likely not to develop two separate smart eyeware devices

It’s very likely the new patent must involve Google’s other hush-hush project called Magic Leap that promises to bring virtual reality right under your eyes as it would be in the same room with you. Currently, Magic Leap as it presents would give users the feeling that they are playing games and shooting at aliens right in their room, promising maximum immersion.

It is not clear if Google would want to combine both the projects under the same hardware, or would use two separate headsets. It would make sense if they do so, as it would make it much simpler to design apps only for one set of smart eyewear instead of two. Hence, it may not be a surprise at all if holograms and Magic Leap arrives on Glass together.


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