Sultan’s Truck : World’s most expensive Mack truck unveiled in Brisbane

We can only awe at the ways of the rich and famous. One such multi millionaire is Sultan Ibrahim of Sultanate of Johor in Malaysia, who has taken the delivery of world’s most expensive Mack truck in Brisbane.

The ridiculously expensive truck, who’s cost has been kept a secret, took a year to build at the manufacturer’s Wacol headquarters, south-west of Brisbane. The truck build by Mack was unveiled in King George Square in Brisbane’s CBD, truly seems to be a ride fit for a king, in this case His Majesty Ibrahim Ismail.

Sultan's Truck : World's most expensive Mack truck unveiled in Brisbane

The rig has some of the fanciest extras around, including a six-camera CCTV system, two flat screen TVs, a stone-topped kitchen area, barbecue, double bed and seats with 72,000 stitches of gold thread. It also boasts a solid-gold tiger hood ornament.

“This is my dream — am I smiling?” the Sultan said of his “palace truck”.

The price tag is a well-kept secret, but according to sources it has smashed the previous record of $481,000 for a customised rig by a mile.

Sultan Ibrahim said he was delighted with the end result. “I have always appreciated Australia’s engineering skills and have collected a few Holden cars over the years,” he said. “I am looking forward to showing its workmanship to the people of Johor as soon as the Super-Liner is shipped over.”

The Sultan ordered the heavy duty rig to tow his power boat around the country. But his first drive will be a charity run when it arrives in Malaysia at the end of this month.

The truck is still in Australia, if you want to catch it, it’ll premiere at a charity event there toward the end of October.

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