Developer demonstrates using 3D touch screen iPhone 6s to weigh objects (video)

Apple has introduced a new feature called 3D Touch which has been receiving rave reviews from iPhone users. In fact the 3D Touch is so sensitive that it can detect how hard a user is pressing down on the screen and opens up an extra layer of control for your apps.

For example, if you firmly press on the Camera icon, you will see different options for using the camera. Press the icon a little harder, and the Camera will be launched.

The 3D Touch screen is so sensitive that it can even act as a scale of sorts. Developer Simon Gladman today demonstrated (via Jeff Benjamin) the use of the iPhone 6s display as a way to compare weights of an object, here denoted in a percentage of touch, on Apple’s 3D or Force Touch display.

He used a app called ‘Plum-O-Meter’ to make his research. The results were truly fascinating because iPhone 6S screen could detect different pressure points at the same time.

Watch this video to see what we mean:

Huawei has announced a “Force Touch” phone a few weeks before Apple. This is quite similar to the 3D Touch on iPhone 6S however it doesnt seem as sensitive as the 3D Touch on iPhone 6S.