Upgraded Firefox Private Browsing has Tracking Protection

Firefox brings its tracking-resistant private browsing for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

We have reported earlier that most browsers actually track user data even when they are using the private browsing or incognito browsing mode in their current web browser. Google’s Chrome does it and Mozilla’s Firefox does it.  The private browsing mode will get rid of your history and cookies, but it won’t prevent cross-site trackers from getting a whiff of what you are surfing online.

Now you dont have to worry about as Mozilla has released a finished version of Firefox with its promised stricter Private Browsing mode. After you switch on the Private Browsing mode, Mozilla says that you’ll get additional tracking protection that blocks code from those ads and social services that follow you from site to site. The new browser also has a central control panel on the desktop for managing privacy and security, including the option to turn tracking protection off if it’s breaking an important page.

The new browser comes with many new features. Desktop users now have a one-click option to mute audio in tabs, much your friends using Chrome. On Android, you can get both direct voice searching from the address bar as well as kid-safe browsing on a tablet’s restricted profile.

You can download the upgraded Firefox which is available now on all platforms, especially if you are a private person and dont like the browsers snooping on your Internet history.

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