France proposes to ban Tor and forbid free Wi-Fi

Proposed French Law Would Ban TOR In Response to Paris Terror Attacks

France is looking to tighten its censorship laws after the gruesome Paris terror attacks. According to French newspaper Le Monde, authorities in Paris are considering banning the use of TOR anonymity service and ban free Wi-Fi service across France. French authorities hope to curb unregulated internet traffic which they see as a source of communication for future terror attacks.

Le Monde  reports that according to an internal document being circulated among the power corridors in France, the two proposed changes to be brought before France’s parliament.

The first addresses the use of “shared or open” Wi-Fi networks during a state of emergency: according to the police, suspects can use public Wi-Fi networks to communicate without being tracked down, so the legislation would shut down public Wi-Fi hotspots during a state of emergency.

The second measure would propose “to block or forbid communications of the Tor network”, and not just during a state of emergency.

Given the fear environment prevailing in France, the authorities might not face any difficulties in passing the resolution but implementing both the proposals are a tough challenge. There’s no easy way to block Tor as China has found it. China has tried to shut it down by blocking the access nodes a user connects through, but the Chinese users found workaround for the same.

Though the proposals will only be introduced next year according to Le Monde, freedom of speech and pro privacy groups have already raised concerns over the proposed laws.

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