Website Makes It Easy For You To Unfriend People Who Support Donald Trump

After Donald Trump’s anti Muslim rant, a website developer has gone ahead and launched a website called

Although if you have Facebook friends who like Donald Trump or his Facebook Page, your news feed may be littered with his campaign post. However, you’d like a wholesale, comprehensive list, FriendsWhoLikeTrump is the website for you. The site will redirect you to a Facebook search showing a list of your friends who like the GOP front-runner.

Once you get the list, you can unfriend them at a click of a button. If you dont want to go to the website, Facebook now has a search option which can reveal the same thing.

Here is how to do it in three steps.

1. Search “my friends who like Donald J. Trump” in the search tab
2. See which of your friends like Trump’s Facebook page
3. Click on the “friends” tab and click “unfriend”

So go ahead, check which of your friends “like” the controversial frontrunner for the Republican nomination.