Super Mario Bros watch that costs $19,000 (€ 17,888)

Romain Jerome Creates Limited Edition $19,000 Watch For The Hardcore Mario Fans

Romain Jerome unveils $19,000 watch to mark the 30th anniversary celebration of Super Mario Bros

Watchmaker Romain Jerome has just unveiled a limited edition of everyone’s favorite Super Mario Bros mechanical timepiece for the hardcore fans of the massive popular Nintendo character. The $19,000 price tag may be too steep for most people, but for Mario enthusiasts, the watch is a cool commemorative piece.

The new watch marks the 30th anniversary celebration of the eye-candy plumber’s adventures and fun. Following the Pac-Man watch, the Space Invaders watch and the Tetris watch, the watch is the fourth video game-themed one made by Romain Jerome.

The watch’s casing will come with a Moon Invader-style case in PVD-coated black titanium with a thickness of 46mm. The “feet-style” lugs move with the strap to help form a better fit on your wrist. The dial incorporates a unique three-layer technique, meant to create a three-dimensional illusion. The face is decorated with enamel-coated figurines, reminding its wearer of Mario’s early days. There’s the jumping Mario, the signature cloud, mushroom, and bush in pixel-like designs. They do not move, but the watch’s sophistication comes with its static and classic simplicity.

A Blog to Watch reports that the piece runs on a mechanical RJ001-A automatic movement and operates at 4Hz, with a 42-hour power reserve. The watch is limited to 85 pieces in honor of the game’s launch in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It will reportedly be available in the market before the year ends.

The adorable plumber first appeared in Nintendo’s “Donkey Kong” back in 1981, with his signature mustache, jumpsuit and hat, but got his solo game in 1985 with “Super Mario Bros.” Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, the game has since been integral in the history of video games. Thanks to three decades of fun and entertainment, Mario and his brother Luigi’s plumbing adventures have been deeply embedded in this generation’s pop culture.

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