SkidNP fulfill their promise, Steam servers taken down

Steam servers brought down by SkidNP hacking group

Remember our previous report that wannabe group of hacker called SkidNP had vowed that they would bring down the Steam servers through the Christmas day. Well, the new kids on the hacking block seemed to have fulfilled their promise. Exactly half hour ago, gamers using Steam have started reporting that the Steam servers are facing a worldwide outage.

This is the status report of Steam servers :

Steam servers brought down by SkidNP hacking group

As usual, Steam users took to Twitter in throngs to complain against the unavailable Steam servers.

K, a member of the SkidNP group, in an interview told us that they would bring down both Minecraft and Steam servers starting today. When asked why they wanted to attack Steam and Minecraft, K told us that SkidNP wanted to bring the vulnerabilities in Steam and Minecraft servers to the notice of the world. K added that, “Steam will be a hard target as they are smart unlike Mojang, Xbox and PlayStation.”

Though we are awaiting confirmation from SkidNP regarding their role in bringing down Steam servers, from the looks of it, they seem to have fulfilled their promise. Whether or not SkidNP has DDoSed Steam servers, there is huge war going on out there as you can see from this maps of DDoS attacks.

Steam servers brought down by SkidNP hacking group

Sadly for Steam gamers, the attacks on the US grid seem to be increasing as the time is passing.

UPDATE 1: SkidNP seems to have continued with the attack as the Norse DDoS map suggests. Users are reporting that they’re logging in as other users. People that made purchases are now realizing that they’ve bought games for other people, while on another account.

UPDATE 2: After they log in, users are now reporting seeing Steam pages in other languages.

UPDATE 3: SteamDB, a site that writes about Steam and Valve, issued a clarification on the issue with the Steam Store: “Valve is having caching issues allowing users to view things such as account information of other users. Don’t use Store for now.” Cache errors appear due to high traffic loads. It is unknown if this was caused by the Christmas sales or the DDoS attack.

UPDATE 4: Softpedia reported that Phantom Squad joined the attacks on the Steam network.

However, SkidNP member K confirmed to us that they are going at it solo.

Update 5 : A hacker group having a Twitter handle @An0CBR and @l7crew has claimed responsibility for bringing down Steam. In a DM to us they claimed responsibility for downing Steam during the Christmas.


  1. I will never buy games that I have to go through a 3rd party to use such as Steam. While you guys are at the mercy of steam bring up or down I am playing my game I purchased at no copy protection to ruin my experience and gasp I can actually play the game I bought not dependent on a website bring up.

  2. Seriously, how can anyone defend these criminals? How would you feel if someone broke into your home by busting down the door (illegal action) and then ripping up a bunch of furniture and setting off a stink bomb that made it impossible to be in the house for 12 hours?

    This is a despicable, criminal action that affects millions of people. Anyone who says that hacking events like these are the only way you can bring light to bad security is fooling themselves. There are always better ways.

    This crime is only the result of a desire to show off your ability to hurt other people and companies. It’s selfish. Don’t even give these criminals a moment of compassion or support, just like you wouldn’t suport the moron who broke into your home and set off a stink bomb just to let you know that should have better locks. The end does NOT justify the means.

    • not quite the same, this is more like , how would you feel if someone sent 1,000,000 salesmen to your door to ring the doorbell, so that the ups guy couldn’t get to your door, this script kiddies aren’t hacking there just sending million of pings from a botnet so the servers cant handle any more traffic. amateur hour. real hackers make no public face or cause ,they get in get out and no one knows.

  3. Idiots. any place can be DDOSed…. so what else is new. They only managed to bring the website down… boo hoo. Those morons need to wake up. I say find them and lock them up for 10 years. There is nothing noble about what they plan to do. They aren’t white hatters. They are just idiots with pimples not getting any attention from the opposite sex and now trying to be cool by pissing off 5 million people and not making a point.

    You want to bring up security issues then be a white hatter, hack the place, plant a flag. Then you can go a brag the news or what whatever if the place doesn’t want to listen, but just ddosing the place with no real objective on your mind is just stupid and frankly I could care less if they got arrested and get to be someones toy in jail.

  4. “Though we are awaiting confirmation from SkidNP regarding their role in bringing down Steam servers, from the looks of it, they seem to have fulfilled their promise.”

    Aka you don’t know shit and are using this sensationalism to draw traffic to your blog. People are posting your links like it’s fucking gospel on steam’s forums. How much money have you made from this so far, you fucking piece of shit?

  5. no problems with steam here :^/ though I would say attacking steam is a dick move. especially having compared it to other networks as the more secure. If the reasoning were truly to bring vulnerabilities to notice then why not go for weaker networks as they would obviously have more of them, also they are more popular so the notice would make far larger waves. I don’t believe the justification made in going after steam, its an illogical maneuver if your premise is that you want to wake up the masses you go for the more popular and weaker. Makes bigger waves, easier target.

    I’m also inclined to agree that it doesn’t really matter if they’re doing it on xmas day because kids should be with families anyways. That being said, if the servers were assaulted on a day where they’re busier than xmas then there would be more of a potential for success as the servers would be more laden with traffic making it harder for steam to respond to an attack.

    This just wreaks of poor planning, bad strategy, poor organization and short sightedness

  6. YOU interviewed them? release ANY information from the interview you can. Maybe someone will be able to trace them down, and gouge out their eyes.

  7. i just got a new computer for Christmas and i want to play so i login and they need to send me a email but i’m not getting it. Does this have anything to do with the hackers because i have the right email in


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