SkidNP : The hacking group that has promised to bring down Minecraft and Steam gaming servers during Christmas holidays

Meet SkidNP the latest gang of hackers to seeking join the esteemed ranks of hacking groups like Syrian Electronic Army, CyberBerkut and infamous ones like Lizard Squad. SkidNP is the latest entrant in the hacking arena and their first deed as hackers was to announce that they will bring down Steam and Minecraft gamings servers during the Christmas holidays.

With Christmas just two days far, we caught up with SkidNP’s member who goes by the name of K and asked him what SkidNP’s goals were. Here is the full interview :

TW : Who are you guys and what is the aim of SkidNP?

K  (@Obstructable) : The leaders are me and we aim to break “Skids” Like and stop them from taking other peoples credits. we attack services to make them know what attacks are like so they can fix them

TW : What are your targets for Christmas holidays?

K : Minecraft and Steam. Steam will be a hard target as they are smart unlike Mojang, Xbox and PlayStation.

TW : No PSN Network and Xbox Live?

K : I think will be attacking xbox and PSN enough.

One of the exploits of SkidNP is that they hacked Phantom Squad’s website. Phantom Squad have promised that they will DDoS PlayStation Networks and Xbox gaming servers during the Christmas holidays. SkidNP considers Phantom Squad as skids, a Internet slang for script kids.  Here is why?

TW : Why do you think are skids?

K : They use a old attack method “PMA” this is a method from around 2013 that is bad

TW : And you will be using?

K : We will be using a botnet and a few dedicated servers.

SkidNP fulfill their promise, bring down Steam servers, read here to know more.

TW : Arent you worried about the backlash from Minecraft and Steam gamers? Lizard Squad was harangued by them for last years attacks..

K : Well not really as all they will be doing is giving us more publicity. Making videos and tweets about how outraged they are about us.

TW : You are connected in anyways to Lizards?

K : We are not

TW : Next years targets if any?

K  : We will be attacking Minecraft & Steam again, and maybe a few more as we do not know yet as its a year away

TW : And what time will the Minecraft and Steam attack start?

K : Around 1AM 25Th

TW : Any message to the young wannabe hackers?

K : Watch out.. we’re coming for you

K signed off with a ominous warning to tech companies which provide poor service to users and have very poor security. He said that they want to bring down such services to alert the tech companies about their vulnerabilities so that they can prepare for the same.

It remains to be seen whether SkidNP is successful in bringing down the Minecraft and Steam servers on the 25th December. But, taking them lightly could cost serious loss as Sony and Microsoft realised last year when they preferred to disregard Lizard Squad’s promise of disrupting Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers during the Christmas holidays.

What happened during those holidays to both the gaming servers is known to all.