How to view saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10, Android and iOS

Here is how you can view your saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10, Android and iOS

Wi-Fi is one of the most used feature for internet Connection these days. Many stores, coffee shops, hotels, service stations, pubs etc offer free Wi-Fi. Sometimes your acquaintance punches in a Wi-Fi password in his/her house for your temporary browsing. Also, many users have countless networks in their mobiles which could mean they dont remember the password for that network for input in the PC. This and other reasons may make you want to know the Wi-Fi password for a network you are currently connected to or you have connected in the past.  So, how do you get the password saved on your computer to use it on your phone as well?

Read on to find out how to retrieve these wireless passwords in Windows 10, Android and iOS as well.

If you already have the password for a wireless network saved on your laptop and want to retrieve it to use on your phone or share with someone else, it is quite simple to do in Windows 10. The same method also works on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. However, it is important to note that you need to be connected to the network that you are trying to retrieve the password for.

  • Right click on the Wi-Fi icon on the Windows System Tray and click on Open the network and Sharing.
  • Once the Network and Sharing Center opens up, it will list all the networks your computer is currently connected to under the Active Network section. Click on the Connections: your computer is connected to and it will open the Wi-Fi Status Window.
  • Click on Wireless Properties in the Wi-Fi Status window and Wireless Network Property of the connected network. The page will show you the connection name and type and will have a Security tab you can click on.
  • The Network Security Key option will have the Wi-Fi password and you can check the option Show characters to make the password visible. Do not change any properties in here or it might mess up the connection and you can have trouble while connecting next time.

If you are using an Android smartphone or a tablet, you cannot use the traditional file explorer that comes pre-installed on the device. You will have to install a copy of the free file browser ES File Explorer for finding out the password of a Wi-Fi network in smartphones and tablets.

  • Open ES File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the data/misc/wifi folder in C: on your device.
  • Open the file called wpa_supplicant.conf and you will see a list of saved Wi-Fi networks complete with their passwords.
  • Tap on the file to open it up and make sure you use ES File Explorer’s built-in text/HTML viewer for the task.
  • You will be able to see the network SSID in the file and their passwords next to it.
  • Now search for the SSID (network name) and note down the password next to it and close the file.

Please make sure that you don’t edit the file or you might start having problems with your Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s worth noting that there are several apps out there in Google Play Store that claim to reveal Wi-Fi passwords; while some of these work, there are also numerous malicious tools out there. So, it’s better to use this manual method to get the passwords than to install that adware crap.

To retrieve a Wi-Fi password on a jailbroken iPhone, you can check in the Keychain access app if you have a Mac connected to the same network, but there’s another method if you prefer to do it all from your phone.

  • You can download the Wi-Fi Passwords App from Cydia.
  • Open the App, and you’ll be presented with a list of all of the passwords your iPhone has for saved wireless networks.

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