Microsoft says Windows 10 is the perfect choice for governments

In a recent development, Microsoft managed to convince the Chinese government to install Windows 10 on its computers. Now, the Redmond giant says that all state authorities across the world should install Windows 10, as it believes that the new operating system is the perfect choice for government entities.

Microsoft in an article titled “Six Reasons Why Governments Should Upgrade to Windows 10” explains that its new operating system is the perfect solution for every state out there because it offers speed, efficiency, choices, control, flexibility and security not yet available on other platforms.

For example, on the exact same hardware, Windows 10 was found to be 30% faster than Windows 7, while at the same time offering advantages like better hardware acceleration and improved power management.

For efficiency, Microsoft highlights Cortana and Edge as the two new tools that help employees work better, though really, the latter still needs a lot of work to be the browser of choice for many. It says that security has been significantly improved, and features such as Device Guard, Credential Guard, and Windows Hello are examples of the same.

And when it comes to control features, Microsoft highlights Windows 10 as it gives governments’ full control of their systems.

“For example, Mobile Device Management empowers IT administrators to manage the entire family of Windows devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – both safely and securely. And Azure Active Directory Join enables administrators can maintain one directory, while giving employees one login with which to securely access their Windows settings and data across of their Windows 10 devices,” Redmond says.

Simultaneously, Microsoft discusses flexibility and choice, explaining that governments can select from a wide variety of devices running Windows 10, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

With the November Update released for the OS, Microsoft certainly believes that this version of Windows is now ready for enterprise deployments.

However, it is to be seen whether Microsoft can take up the challenge to convince businesses and enterprises, especially government organizations to move to a new operating system, even if it is Windows 10.


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