Anonymous shuts down Japanese airport website to protest against arrest of Ric O’Barry of “The Cove”

Anonymous shuts down Japanese airport website in protest of “The Cove” Actor Ric O’Barry’s arrest

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous which is waging a cyberwar against the Japanese whaling industry, today DDoSed the Japanese airport’s website to protest against the alleged illegal arrest of Ric O’Barry, the main star of “The Cove.

According to a tweet, the members of the Anonymous hacker collective launched DDoS attacks on the website of the Narita airport in Tokyo to protest against the arrest of O’Barry.

O’Barry is famous worldwide as being one of the men that helped train the dolphins used on the set of the famous “Flipper” TV show and his appearance in Oscar-winning “The Cove” documentary, which depicts the horrible dolphin slaughter that takes place annually in the town of Taiji, Japan.

According to the Dolphin Project, a non-profit charitable organization O’Barry is part of, he was detained by Japanese airport authorities on January 18, when he arrived at Tokyo’s Narita airport. According to the report, Japanese authorities refused to let the TV actor to enter into Japan. When O’Barry refused to leave, the authorities promptly placed him under arrest at a deportees facility, where he remains in custody as of now.

The website notes, “O’Barry was repeatedly interrogated and placed in a deportees’ facility, similar to a jail, where he has been held behind bars ever since. He has not received proper nourishment, his only food coming from the airport’s 7 Eleven convenience store, and sleep has been minimal at best.”

O’Barry and Japan have a pretty stormy relationship. He was jailed last August when he didnt have his passport on him. O’Barry maintains that Japanese authorities have problems with him ever since “The Cove” documentary was released and have done their best to prevent him from entering Japan.

Coming back to the present case, after the news of O’Barry’s arrest became public, the Anonymous swung into action and launched DDoS attacks on the Narita airport’s website. The Anonymous have already announced to campaigns #OpWhales and #OpKillingBay against the whaling industry in Japan.

The website of Narita airport has since been restored.

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