IS affiliate ‘Cyber Caliphate’ forms a Google Hacking Team to Hack Google

Remember Cyber Caliphate? Yes, the hacking group affiliated to IS or ISIS/Daesh is planning to hack Google. According to International terrorism watchdog group Terror Monitor, the Islamic State “cyber army” has announced plans to hack Google.

Terror Monitor says that the Cyber Caliphate is planning a whole new hacking team dedicated to hacking Google called Google Hacking Team. Above is the propaganda image purportedly released by ISIS announcing the plan. In it, “Islamic” is spelled incorrectly.

Cyber Caliphate has had varying degrees of success with their hacking exploits. In November, 2015, they had managed to hack 54000 Twitter accounts mostly belonging to media companies. They had promised a cybergeddon on the on the anniversary of September 11 WTC terrorist attacks, however it never happened.

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous says majority of Cyber Caliphate hacking claims are fake and the group operates from a single IP somewhere in the Middle East.


  1. Lol, like cyber caliphate has nearly enough skill. It’s Google. Their entire group is a joke, it’s just humiliation at this point.


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