This single CPU gaming PC with 256GB RAM allows seven players to game at once

Now seven players can get play at once with this new incredible gaming PC

In the past, YouTube channel, LinusTechTips has provided some unbelievable gaming PC builds, but the latest one just gets bigger with Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build.

LinusTechTips has put together a PC using seven AMD R9 Nano graphic cards ($650 each), over 256GB of DDR4 ECC memory, equating to 32GB of memory per system ($300 each), eight 1TB Kingston solid-state hard drives ($400 each), a pair of Intel Xeon E5 2697 CPUs ($3,000 each) all plugged into an ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS, powered by an EVGA T2 1600W PSU, which then virtually output seven separate systems at once.

There was a massive water cooling loop to fit into the Caselabs Mercury S8 chassis ($300), which is possibly the most complicated part of this build. The monster system not only performs fantastically when powered on, but it looks incredible too, with water cooled GPUs, the high-resolution Acer Predator ultra-wide gaming monitors, the sleeved cables, CPUs and an impressively air cooled chassis as a whole.

While the build is incredibly cool, the build is completely impractical and very expensive, as it would cost you $30,000 to put such a system together. However, it may be worth if you have a lot of friends you want to get gaming in a smaller space.

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Kavita Iyer
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