Apple finally lets you trade in broken iPhones for new one

Apple allow users to trade in busted iPhones, store employees to henceforth install screen protectors

For some time now, Apple has been running an iPhone trade-in program, wherein the customers can hand over their old iPhone (or any smartphone) to Apple and receive a gift card that they can spend on a newer iPhone.

Apple has reportedly enhanced iPhone trade-in program, which allow users to receive credit for “damaged displays, cameras, and buttons” are “within reason.” Apparently, only damaged iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus units will be accepted. It’s said that a broken iPhone 5s will get you a $50 credit, while broken iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models could get you at least $200 or $250, respectively. 9to5Mac notes that this upgraded trade-in program should be launched this week (most likely, only in the US – at least for the beginning).

Apple believes that this new program will encourage new iPhone upgrades versus a standard iPhone screen repair.

In some cases, buying a new iPhone could be cheaper when combining subsidies and financing plans with the credit given for the traded-in device. This makes the new program beneficial to both Apple and customers as it will help Apple sell new phones and let customers save more money on an updated device.

In addition to this upgrade program, Apple is also launching a program in its retail stores that will automatically apply screen protectors for customers who want one. Apple Store employees will use a protector installation machine that can ensure a good fit with minimal air bubbles. The company apparently partnered with one screen protector maker, Belkin to bring dedicated screen protector installation machines to the back of stores.

Before this new program, Apple Stores were told to not perform screen protector installations on customer iPhones given the possibility of the installation of a third-party product not going smoothly. If something does go wrong, Apple will offer a free screen protector replacement and re-attempt the installation.

One can expect to see the new iPhone program in retail stores presently, while the screen protector roll out will take a few additional weeks.

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