Here’s how to get the new Facebook reactions if you don’t see them yet

After a year long development cycle, Facebook yesterday updated its ‘Like’ button to allow FB users to respond with six reactions. Henceforth you can Love, say Haha or Wow, be Sad or Angry when you see a Facebook post.

However, many Facebook users reported to us that they still can’t see the new Facebook reactions in their News Feed yet. For those people, we bring a small tutorial on how you can enable Facebook’s new reactions of your timeline :


In the desktop version of Facebook, go to the post you want to react on and simply just hover over the Like button. If the Facebook reactions have reached your country, the new reactions should pop up in a bar above.

Click on one of the reactions and now the post will show the top three reactions it has received. Clicking on those reactions will give you a breakdown of how many people have used each reaction.

Remember you can only use one reaction to respond to a post, you can also change to a different one if you change your mind afterward  Also be careful, the “wow” or “love” someone’s status may inadvertently get clicked when you mouse over the new options.

On Facebook App in your smartphones

In the Facebook mobile app, you might need to close the app completely and reopen it before the reactions appear. Once you hit the Like button on a post, a message will appear that instructs you to hold down on that button to bring up the other reactions.

Facebook has said that currently the reactions are only available to use on posts, pictures and videos and not on individual comments. However they should be coming soon. It has also stated that the reactions are being rolled out phase wise therefore dont be dismayed if you still cant see them.