FBI creates world’s worst video game in an attempt to make kids aware of terrorism

We all identify the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a premier crime prevention agency from United States of America but a few of you might be surprised to know FBI has made a video game.

While FBI’s attempt at creating the video game should be lauded for the reason behind it, the game really sucks. The video game invloves a goat dodging objects is made by the FBI to help educate kids about “the slippery slope to violent extremism.”

Gizmodo wrote about the “Don’t Be A Puppet” website yesterday, comparing it to an “awful, out-of-touch 90s educational game.” I’m right there with them.

The FBI Made A Video Game And It Sucks

FBI however has a different view of the game and describes it thus on its website:

The site doesn’t refute violent extremist beliefs point by point or discuss matters of faith or politics. Instead, it makes teens aware of the destructive reality of various forms of violent extremism, including hateful attacks based on race, religion, or other factors. Through its Don’t Be a Puppet theme, the program encourages teens to think for themselves and display a healthy skepticism if they come across anyone who appears to be advocating extremist violence.

Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek says that the game is just plain ugly.

The FBI Made A Video Game And It Sucks

Teens can kick back and play this colossal failure of a video game, ‘The Slippery Slope,’ that features a goat on a journey to nowhere.