Developer moved “Canabalt,” a popular game for the iPhone and iPad, onto Windows using Project Islandwood

Microsoft’s iOS bridge, Project Islandwood, is a cool tool for porting iOS apps to Windows 10 phones, tablets and PCs. However it has had its fair bit of critics who had panned it for being immature. But developer faced no pains while moving “Canabalt,” a popular game for the iPhone and iPad, onto Windows using Project Islandwood.

In a blog post, Burela describes Islandwood as a “cool tool” and demonstrates how easy, and quick, it can be as he completes the task in five minutes.

“Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to take an iOS game and port it straight to a Windows 10 UWP application,” he wrote in the post. “I’m porting the classic game Canabalt which was originally an online flash game, which they then ported to an iPhone game.”

Normally it takes a long time to port any software from one operating system to another but Burela had no such issues.

Microsoft is trying to attract developers is through the “bridge” projects which aims to make it easier for Android, iPhone, web-based, and older Windows apps to work on Windows 10.

Another of the bridge projects, Project Astoria which was a Android bridge has been reportedly killed by Microsoft for lack of interest.


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