United States secretly despatched a plane to capture Edward Snowden

United States secretly sent a plane and seeked help from Scandinavian countries to capture serial whistleblower, Edward Snowden

We all know that ever since he leaked secret NSA documents, Edward Snowden has been a marked man. But not many know that US had tried to capture Snowden from Denmark.

The Justice Minister of Denmark has confirmed that the US sent a rendition flight to Copenhagen Airport to capture Snowden.The Justice Minister’s confirmation is just seconding the reports which appeared last month that US landed a private aircraft in Copenhagen intended to capture Snowden in June 2013.

In a report published by Danish online media Denfri US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) prepared to kidnap Edward Snowden and ship him back to United States. The reports were initially rubbished by Danish authorities. However, now Justice Minister Søren Pind told the Danish parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee the US was granted permission to use Danish airspace and land a plane at Copenhagen Airport to transport Edward Snowden to America.

“The purpose of the plane’s presence at Copenhagen Airport was apparently to have the ability to transport Edward Snowden to the USA in case he was delivered from Russia or another country,” Mr Pind said in a written statement seen by the Local.

Local also reported that US sought the help of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish authorities in tracking down Snowden. “The FBI requests that your service immediately notify the necessary and applicable agencies of the below information in the event that Snowden should board a flight from Moscow to one of your respective countries for either transit purposes or as a final destination,” a sent that the FBI sent out of the US Embassy in Copenhagen read.

It may be recalled that Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen had previously dismissed calls from Denmark’s left wing to offer the whistleblower asylum. “I have a very hard time seeing what the reasoning would be for parliament to pass a special law taking the extraordinary step of offering an American citizen political amnesty in Denmark,” Rasmussen said.

“He is sought for a series of legal violations; that’s what he is. And the US is a democratic constitutional state,” he added.

Snowden  tweeted about the incident, saying it “seems to confirm Denmark intended to violate principle of non-refoulement as I sought asylum.”

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  1. oops sorry, one “not” too much in my last comment. what i whanted to say is that julian assange is living in the Ecuadorian embassy and snowden is living in russia.

  2. umm Edward Snowden in the at the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK?? don;t you mean Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy!.
    Snowden is currently in Russia!


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