This PiDrive will add 314GB of storage to your Raspberry Pi

WDLabs launches new Raspberry Pi drive with 314GB storage

Here is something that will pump up the Raspberry Pi users. WDLabs has launched a Raspberry Pi dedicated hard drive of 314GB storage capacity.

WDLabs, an offshoot of Western Digital, had teamed up with Raspberry Pi foundation and announced the drive which adds compatibility for the new Raspberry Pi 3 announced last month. The new drive which WD calls PiDrive, offers 314GB and promises low power usage as well as easy integration.

“Adoption of Raspberry Pi computing devices is expanding at a faster rate than the PC. However, the millions of Raspberry Pi users are finding limitations from data storage devices (SD card, USB hard drive or cloud storage) originally designed for other applications,” said Dave Chew, chief engineer at WDLabs.

“The WD PiDrive 314 GB HDD is designed to support Raspberry Pi growth by addressing barriers to hard drive adoption such as affordability, power loading and system set-up. In addition, we’ve maintained the key strengths of hard drive technology, including mass-storage value, high data integrity and reliability.”

According to WDLabs, the head of the drive, magnetic recording and electric systems have all been specifically tailored for the Pi to offer maximum efficiency.  It even has a special version of BerryBoot (a multi-operating system tool) to help you load your platform of choice and fill that abundant space with apps.

The PiDrive is relatively costlier compared to Raspberry Pi itself. It will retail at $45.81 (£39.50) price which is higher the cost of Raspberry Pi. The company is offering it at a promotional price of $31.42 to commemorate the Pi,  314GB and $31.42 because 3.14 is Pi

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