Samsung Galaxy S7 Emerges Winner In A Grueling 45 Minutes Washing Machine Spin Test

Samsung launched its flagship smartphones, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with water-resistant capabilities, a feature that was missing from its previous devices. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge boasts an IP68 rating, meaning that it is capable of withstanding submersion underwater up to depths of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes at a time without any damage.

Now, a new video has surfaced wherein YouTuber Max Lee throws his new Galaxy S7 into an LG washing machine with only a phone case to protect it. He let the handset run a full 45-minute high-speed wash to check the phone’s water-resistant capabilities.

Considering the chemicals in the detergent, the heat, and the tumbling around, all of which could potentially damage/wreck the handset, the Galaxy S7 survives without any noticeable damage. The handset turned on right away when Lee pulled it out from a pile of wet laundry. The device’s fingerprint scanner was noticeably less responsive after the wash, which isn’t a surprise at all since all scanners work poorly when wet. Having said that, the touchscreen was still pretty responsive after coming out of the washing machine and the device had no problem connecting to Wi-Fi, playing music or recording videos. Also, the speaker, microphone and camera all seem to work just fine.

Lee suggests that since this device is protected by a VRS Design Crystal Mixx case, it was therefore protected by the likes of banging and scratching.

Check out the full video of the Galaxy S7 going through the machine test. Do not try this at home!


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