Android Smartphone Shortcuts for Doing Things with High Speed

Simple tricks to make your Android usage a little fast paced.

Almost everyone carries at-least one smartphone nowadays , but there is a difference between just using a smartphone and using a smartphone with some style . And that is what differentiates an informed user from a naive user. In this article I’ll tell about few easy-to-do shortcuts.

Saying OK Google

If you want to feel a piece of “Artificial Intelligence”, then you can do this by tweaking few settings. Your android device will follow your commands and assist you whenever you want without putting your finger on the screen, even when phone is locked.

To get the right settings Open the Google app (either from app drawer or if you’re using a Google Now launcher- by swiping from left to right from your first home screen), tap the three-line menu button in the top corner of the display, then tap Settings and then Voice. Then set up your “assistant”.

Changing the user agent

Some websites will automatically serve you a mobile-friendly version of their site, if they detect you’re using a phone. But these versions can sometimes be severely cut down versions of the main site, with far fewer features.

You can tell websites to serve you desktop versions by changing the browser’s User Agent setting to Linux Desktop or Mac Desktop. Alternatively, you can select iPhone, iPad, different versions of Android, or even IE6.

Alternative Symbols

Some keys can display more than one symbol: you can long-press the key and swipe over one of the symbols that pops up to insert it. For example, long-tap “c” and you can insert a “ç”. On the default keyboard (and some others), the letters that hide extra symbols have an ellipsis (“…”) in the corner. (Most keyboards also have a whole set of alternative keys, accessed by pressing a key marked “?123” or “ALT” or similar. HTC Sense has two menus, but it’s easy to miss the second one: it’s opened by pressing a key marked “1/2”, which some people naturally assume means a “half” symbol!)

The Do Not Disturb mode

This feature is available only on Marshmallow(Android 6.0) . Just press and hold the volume up button and Do Not Disturb mode will be activated.

Press and hold the Home key for “Now on Tap” suggestions

“Now on Tap”–Press and hold the Home key. When you do, a new “Now on Tap” display will appear—specifically, a series of Google Now-style “cards” that provide context, shortcuts, and suggestions based on whatever’s on the screen.(Available on Marshmallow only).

Bypass unlocking your phone (when it’s safe)

This feature in the Lock screen and Security menu will let your device know when it’s safe to stay conveniently unlocked. Once you add trusted places, devices, or voices you can skip the PIN, pattern or password every time you want to check an alert.

Quickly open the camera

Launching the camera at a moment’s notice means that you won’t miss great photo opportunities. How you access this camera shortcut will vary between manufacturers, but here’s a few examples of popular devices that have it enabled:

  • Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P: double-tap power button.
  • Samsung devices 2015-2016: double-tap the physical Home button.
  • LG V10: double-tap the volume down button.
  • Moto G 2015: twist your wrist with the device in hand.

Add contact widgets

Want to reach out to your favorite people with just a tap? Press and hold on your Home screen, choose Widgets, and then look for the Contacts 1×1 widget. Tapping this shortcut loads a contact’s details, letting you call, text, or email without scrolling through your address book.

These were some of short tricks which I found really useful and worth sharing. I’ve written some dedicated articles which can serve Android users of almost all groups.

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Abhishek Awasthi
Abhishek Awasthi
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection -Mark Twain.


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