This guy ported Flappy Bird on an e-cigarette (video)

This guy ported popular Flappy Bird game on an e-cigarette and you are invited to try it out

The infamous addicting game, Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird was a huge sensation when it came out and has been downloaded many millions of times sucking up hours and hours of its fans’ lives.

Now, a mad genius and YouTuber named Balázs Bank has managed to port Flappy Bird to his eVic-VTC Mini e-cigarette and he’s got video as proof which he uploaded on Sunday. The device comes from vape maker Joyetech and is notable because it has upgradable firmware.

Someone Ported Flappy Bird To An E-Cigarette

The Super Mario-style Flappy Bird works surprisingly well on the tiny e-cigarette screen. It’s in black and white, but simple up-and-down controls are all you need.

Bánk managed to put together instructions within the description of the YouTube video to explain how you can also play Flappy Bird from the comfort of your e-cigarette.

Basically, you will need to flash your firmware. Here are Bank’s instructions for downloading and installing the game for yourself:

You can download the firmware file (.bin) from here: (MEGA) (Google Drive)

DISCLAIMER: Flash this firmware at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility for damaging your device.


Install game:
1. Download and unzip the compressed folder.
2. Connect the eVic-VTC Mini to the computer.
3. Open the official UpdateFirmware.exe (it’s in the archive or you can download from Joyetech’s site).
4. Click Update button then select FlappyBird.bin.
5. Enjoy (or not) the ‘game’.

Reinstall original firmware:
1. Disconnect the usb cable and the battery from the VTC Mini.
2. Push the right button (and hold) on the VTC Mini, plug in the USB cable, release the button.
3. Now you can install the original firmware (also found in the archive or downloaded from official site) with the updater.

Please note that I made this in a few hours and it’s still in beta stage.

To prove he’s not a one-hit wonder, Bank also uploaded a video of himself playing the classic video game Snake on his e-cigarette.

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