Known for including fun little Easter Eggs in its software, Tesla’s latest update is no different. A recently discovered Easter egg transforms the dull grey road shown on a Tesla’s instrument cluster into a colorful path that resembles the notoriously difficult Mario Kart level. A cowbell tune also plays in the background while this mode is turned on.

While the new software ( pushed out to Model S and Model X over the weekend doesn’t seem to add any major improvements to the experience, but it does recall a certain level from a certain Nintendo racer.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla owners need to activate their cars’ autopilot four times in quick succession. A Rainbow Road-style level will pop up and it’s exactly how it sounds.


In order to trigger this transformation, Tesla owners need the latest software update, which Musk referred to in his tweet as “psychedelic cowbell road.” He also hinted that more hidden updates could be coming, tweeting “And, yes, we are adding more cowbell soon.”

This isn’t the first time Tesla has hidden hilarious Easter eggs in its products. Last year, Tesla owners discovered a James Bond-themed reference tucked away in the Model S.


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