Google reveals the most misspelled words in each state from U.S.

Google unveils every American state’s ugly truth of misspelled words

In celebration of the Scripps US National Spelling Bee, Google crunched data from its search engine to disclose the top misspelled words in each state.

By using search queries that began with the “how to spell” and then the word in question, Google determined which words people have the most trouble spelling in all 50 states. The search giant then laid the data out in colorful map for all to peruse and mock.

Among the most commonly misspelled words were desert, maintenance, vacuum, cancelled, gray and pneumonia. While people in Arizona and New Hampshire struggled with the word “diarrhea,” people in Massachusetts often looked up how to spell “Massachusetts.” Similarly, Floridians searched for the proper spelling of “tomorrow”, Nevadans were unsure of the word “cousin.”

The full list:

Alabama – Tongue;Alaska – Hawaii; Arizona – Diarrhea; Arkansas – Leprechaun; California – Desert; Colorado – Beautiful; Connecticut – Desert; Delaware – Neighbor; Florida – Tomorrow; Georgia – Appreciate; Hawaii – Boutineer; Idaho – Desert; Illinois – Appreciate; Indiana – Desert; Iowa – Maintenance; Kansas – Schedule; Kentucky – Maintenance; Louisiana – Definitely; Maine – Vacuum; Maryland – Cancelled; Massachusetts – Massachusetts; Michigan – Gray; Minnesota – Broccoli; Mississippi – Sergeant; Missouri – Pneumonia; Montana – Vacuum; Nebraska – Guarantee; Nevada – Cousin; New Hampshire – Diarrhea; New Jersey – February; New Mexico – Neighbor; New York – Beautiful; North Carolina – Pneumonia; North Dakota – Attitude; Ohio – Banana; Oklahoma – Gray; Oregon – Definitely; Pennsylvania – Cancelled; Rhode Island – Cancelled; South Carolina – Convenience; South Dakota – Gray; Tennessee – Courtesy; Texas – Niece; Utah – Leprechaun; Vermont – Possible; Virginia – Cancelled; Washington – Pneumonia; West Virginia – Giraffe; Wisconsin – Vacuum; Wyoming – Ornery.


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