DIY # Here is how you can make your own cheap and effective infrared camera

With 1080p cameras available at extremely affordable prices, it is extremely simple to produce your very own infrared camera. If you a look at the video given below, you will know that all cameras are capable of ‘seeing’ infrared light, but for standard photography and video, you don’t want to see the infrared light. Majority of camera sensors have an infrared filter in front of the sensor, in order to block out any excess to infrared light.

If you end up removing the filter, then voila, you have a fully converted infrared camera in the palm of your hands. The following video shows exactly how to modify a camera. However, a true infrared camera is similar to the visibility of a FLIR or Seek Thermal. This little camera hack will allow you to see a mixture of visible and near infrared light.

As a result, you will be able to see hot things glowing through the camera, but not to the same degree as a real thermal imaging device. Regardless, it is still a pretty cool trick if you want to add something extra to your home camera.



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