HP sold its gold and diamond encrusted laptops for more than $60,000 a piece

HP’s gold and diamond encrusted laptops sell for $60000 a pop

If you thought that spending $5000 on a gaming laptop meant that you have shed big bucks on a notebook, then prepare to have your pride shattered in front of you thanks to the latest HP lineup of notebooks that not only impressive in the hardware department, but also from an aesthetic stand point. HP stated on Friday that it has sold two Spectre 13.3 laptops for more than $60,000.

That price tag is the equivalent of a luxury car, and individuals who no doubt possess a luxury car will have absolutely no issue spending $60,000 on a beautiful notebook like this. However, why is HP selling a laptop for an outrageously expensive price tag? To be fair, these are not your standard laptops and were custom modified and embellished with diamonds, gold and Swarovski crystals by renowned artists Jess Hannah and Tord Boontje.


Only two of these custom laptops were made and were auctioned off to benefit the Nelson Mandela Foundation during the Cannes Film Festival this week. HP didn’t detail how much each unit went for but the tech company did say that both of them sold for more than $60,000.

Specifications of the notebooks were not revealed, but if you are going to spend a lot of money on gold and diamond encrusted notebooks, then the least you can get is a Core-i7 Skylake processor coupled with 512GB SSD storage. At least the company did it for a very good cause.


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