Lexi App lets you talk to Amazon’s Alexa from your iPhone

Talk to Amazon’s Alexa from your iPhone with this Lexi app

BlueToo Ventures has just released a new iOS app Lexi that now brings Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa to the iPhone. This app allows you to bypass Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and give a verbal command.

In other words, the iOS app mirrors the way Amazon’s personal assistant functions. It can be used to control the Echo speaker, which essentially means users can control smart devices, place orders as well as install and turn skills from the Alexa App. Further, Lexi also allows users to ask Alexa for information about the latest news, weather, movies or directions to the closest hospital, for instance. However, some features like Amazon Prime Music and audio books, still require the Echo hardware.

While users are required to have an Amazon account to sync, there is no need to buy an Echo, or any other third-party speaker with Alexa integration, such as the recent Triby. Using the app is very simple. All you need to do is just press and hold the screen while making a request, and then release to hear the confirmation response.

At present, Lexi is available for iOS only on App Store for $5, which is a grab-on offer compared to the $180 you would have to pay for the standard Echo speaker.

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