Soon you will see black links instead of blue in Google Search

Google testing black links instead of blue in search results

It seems Google is upto something! Google searches could look and feel very different in coming days as the search giant is testing a new version of its results page featuring black links, in the place of the familiar blue links that we have been so used to.

The new colour is visible to only a few users as the company is believed to be embarking on one of its famous “A/B tests”. The company regularly makes a small change for a subset of users, examining how they respond before deciding whether or not to roll it out to the wider user base. Business Insider’s Rob Price could see only blue and more blue in his search results.

It is not known why Google is messing around with the iconic blue colour for links but users dont seem to be happy with the change.

Let us know if you see the new black links in Google search, in the comments below. So far, none of us here at Techworm have seen the new black links. Also, do comment on what you think about Google’s new link colour.


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