Teenaged student shuts down 444 school websites to tell teachers they are incomptent

Teen student from Japan says that he DDoSed 444 school websites to make teachers aware of how incompetent they were

A 16 year-old student from Japan DDoSed websites of 444 elementary, junior high, and high schools in the area just to ‘remind teachers they are incompetent.’

The teenager has been arrested on May 11 and Osaka Police have filed a case of obstruction of business charges against him. The police say the teen launched a denial-of-service (DoS) attack against the Osaka Board of Educations server which holds the webpages of 444 elementary, junior high, and high schools in the area.

Although in high school now, at the time of the attacks last November, the student was in junior high school. According to police, he said his own school environment is what motivated his actions.

“I hate how the teachers talk down to us and never let us express ourselves. So, I thought I would remind them of their own incompetence. It felt good to see them have problems. I did it several times,” the boy said.

Police seized the student’s computer and some books about hacking. It is believed that he downloaded a DDoS tool which sent large volumes of data to the Board of Education servers, rendering access impossible for periods of about an hour. He would then confirm the take-down by monitoring the websites with his smartphone.

He also told police that he had wanted to join the hacking group Anonymous and that he didn’t know schools other than his own would be affected in the attack.

This incident would mark the first time in the history of Japan that a cyberattack was launched against a local government, and punishments for such a crime include a maximum three-year-prison sentence or 500,000 yen fine.

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  1. I am not so sure this is incompetence of the teachers, but the sysadmin, director of IT, Network Admin, and security analysts all need to be relieved and replaced for their incompetence.

    • Anyone can do what he did and it’s possible on anything… You just keep mass sending requests pings to the servers (larger companies can handle more requests so not as easy, but still possible).

      School sites don’t need to handle as many requests as say google so it’s easier to take down with ddos…

  2. it was not about competition but because to him he thought he had done something which can be appreciated by many..some of us we can too do the same but we know its of no benefit.kkkkkkk

  3. Believe me or not fed up by the system i did the same… I was never caught but held accused and thrown out of the school.. Somethings need to change.. A revolution is coming…


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