Become An iPhone Pro With These Interesting Hacks

Check out these interesting tips and tricks to use your iPhone like a pro

Smartphones these days have features more or less features like PC, which coupled with fast internet connectivity makes it easier to work while on the go. As a result, we end up spending most of our time on smartphones. In spite of that, many of us do not know the hidden tricks to use our smartphones in the best possible manner.

You may be owning an iPhone since 2007, the day it was launched but chances are that you dont know many hidden features that Apple has incorporated into it. In this article, we bring you some handy tips that will allow you to use your iPhone like a pro.

1. Keyboard: Double tap the space bar for a period at the end of the sentence in order to start a fresh sentence with a capital letter.

2. Ear plug: Do you know that you can click a selfie without touching your iPhone? All you need to do is press the + button of your ear plugs to click a picture without losing the focus.

3. Home-screen: Want the home screen of your iPhone 6 or 6 plus to lower down further? Just double tap the home button (do not click it) and the menu will drop down by a few centimetres.

4. Volume: Many a times, we end up adjusting the volume while listening to music to avoid the disturbing background noises. Not, anymore. Just, go to Settings > Music > EQ > Late Night and enjoy your music in peace.

5. Browsing: You can save yourself from the hassle of saving your email in drafts in order to copy the content from another email in your inbox. All you need to do is, tap in between Cancel and Send to minimize the New Message window. Now, you can easily scroll through your email and return to the New Message window at the bottom of the screen.

6. Keyboard: You notice a mistake in the sentence formation after typing the entire text. What to do? Just shake your phone to undo typing and write a fresh text without wasting a minute.

7. Reading: Many times we are bombarded with low storage notifications from our smartphone. You have to cut your app list reluctantly. Here is how you can save some storage space in your iPhone.

Avoid installing Dictionary app, as your iPhone already has an inbuilt dictionary. While reading, long press the word whose meaning you want to know. Click on the ‘define’ option from the list of options and improve your vocabulary.

8. Maps: The international mobile data pack makes a huge hole in the pocket while traveling abroad. So, if you wish to browse maps on the go, cache maps for offline use. Zoom in the location you are about to visit, type OK Maps in the search bar and your map will be saved for further reference.

9. Browsing: At times, while checking a webpage on our smartphones, we end up scrolling the page too far. Now, you can scroll to the top in a click only. Tap the status bar (the bar which mentions time and signal strength) and you will be redirected to the top of the webpage.

10. Keyboard: Do you find switching back and forth numeric keypad and alphabetic keypad hectic? Press and hold ‘123’ button on your keyboard and slide to the character you wish to input. The alphabetic keyboard will be resumed, as soon as you release the button.

The above tricks will not only help you use your iPhone better it will also provide you a chance to flaunt your newly acquired skills in front of your friends and colleagues.

Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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