The story of Russian female hacker behind Twitter, MySpace, VK, LinkedIn data leaks

Meet Tessa88, the female Russian hacker who is selling millions of Twitter, MySpace, VK, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook login credentials

Tessa88 is now a celebrity. At least the users who have been affected by her hacked log details will agree. Tessa88 is the woman hacker who has leaked millions of login details of Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIN, VK. She is from Russia and has been active on underground forums of Dark Web selling the ill gotten user ids and passwords.

Tessa88 was relatively unknown until April 2016 when she first claimed in two different hacker forums that she had a huge database for sale. She claimed to be in possession of millions of usernames and passwords to log in to sites like MySpace, DropBox, Instagram, VK (the Russian counterpart to Facebook), as well as a number of others.

Tessa88 was willing to sell the huge data chest for a few hundred dollars. Though she never mentioned her gender, one of her profile on the hacker forums suggests she is a girl. The database she was selling contained legitimate user ids and passwords according to LeakedSource. LeakedSource researchers verified both the MySpace and VK dumps, both from Tessa88, and integrated them into their databases. That’s the usernames and passwords for at least 11 million and 100 million users, respectively.

Apparently Tessa88 isnt working alone. Another hacker called Peace also leaked a similar data base of MySpace and LinkedIn users. All of the aforementioned hacks are believed to have happened several years ago and it is unclear what individual or individuals are actually responsible for the hacks themselves.

In a Jabber conversation with Vocativ, Tessa88 said that she was in possession of a vast quantity of hacked databases, including Facebook, Instagram, the dating sites Cupid and Badoo, and popular eastern European social network site She declined to immediately elaborate where she got those logins, though, saying she was driving a car. She also requested 1 bitcoin as collateral for the information, which Vocativ was unwilling to provide.

Apparently, Tessa88 has much to sell. Tessa88 had noted on a hacker forum that she had 380 million MySpace and 137 million VK accounts for sale. In addition Tessa88 provided a data set containing over 32 million Twitter user credentials to security research group LeakedSource today. LeakedSource said that it is unlikely that Twitter was hacked and the login details may have been gained from malware infections.

Tessa88 exploits have just began.

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  1. These are old leaks, the people you mention in these articles like “peace” and “tessa88” are resellers, not the original hackers.

    All of the leaks they are selling are publicly available. If the author of this article doesn’t believe me, he can email the address I left, eventually I might receive it.


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