Apple iPhone 7 price, EarPods with lightening connecter leaked

The riddle called iPhone 7 is slowly falling to place with more leaks. It was already rumoured that iPhone 7 wont have a headphone jack but nobody knew that Apple would be shipping headphones with a Lightning port. According to latest leaks on Chinese Twitter equivalent, Weibo, iPhone 7 earpods would be unique. The new iPhone 7 earpods cant be plugged into any other device according to Mac Rumours.

EarPods with a Lightning connector EarPods with a Lightning connector EarPods with a Lightning connector EarPods with a Lightning connector
EarPods with a Lightning connector

The Weibo post also gave the prices for various iPhone 7 versions.Prices were listed in Yuan. Converted to United States Dollars, the prices for iPhone 7 would be as follows:

iPhone 7

  • 32GB model: $790
  • 64GB model: $910
  • 256GB model: $1059

iPhone 7 Plus

  • 32GB model: $910
  • 128GB model: $1030
  • 256GB model: $1180

iPhone 7 Pro

  • 32GB model: $910
  • 128GB model: $1180
  • 256GB model: $1330

(This rates are converted at today’s exchange rates and may differ at the time of iPhone 7 launch)

If the price list on Weibo is to be believed, it looks like Apple is phasing out both the 16GB and 64GB options, except in the basic iPhone 7 version. The iPhone 7 will be very much similar in appearance to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.

Whats new in iPhone 7

No more physical home buttons

Apple will be dropping the physical home button according to some rumours. It will be replaced by a on screen capacitive home screen on the iPhone 7. Apple will use MacBook and Apple Watch’s  ‘taptic engine’ to simulate a press. More manufacturers are going in for on screen home buttons, the latest one being OnePlus in its OnePlus 3 model.

Lightning Connector

The above images show that Apple will be dumping the 3.5mm jack in favour of a lightning port. iPhone 7 buyers can flaunt their new lightening earpods which will deliver sound.


We have already reported that iPhone 7 Pro and Plus version will have dual cameras while the basic iPhone 7 version will have single 8 MP camera.

A10 Processor

iPhone 7 will be  powered by a faster A10 chip.


RAM is expected to remain constant at 2GB, though the Pro model might get 3GB of RAM.

We will keep you updated as more iPhone 7 leaks surface.