Check out this bizarre 200-watt laser bazooka

This guy created a terrifying 200W Laser Bazooka at home (video)

StyroPyro, an insane laser junkie and YouTuber in his experiment has added more than five times the power to create a massive 200W “laser bazooka.” He even refers it as his “most terrifying device yet.”

This guy who is absolutely obsessed with lasers has a vast majority of his inventions around them, including a laser tornado lamp, a drone with a laser and even a laser sword. Last year, he introduced his ridiculous 40W laser shotgun, an impressive and overkill rig that set pingpong balls on fire and will blind you if you look at it wrong.

The bazooka is a somewhat similar design to the shotgun, although it works on a whole other order of magnitude. It’s a bundle of lasers that look like one beam from a distance, all directed through a single focusing lens.

According to its maker, having this beam in your unprotected eyes is 33 million times worse than staring at the sun. In case you aren’t sure how much 200W is, a standard laser pointer comes in at 0.005W. At that wattage, the laser pointer shouldn’t do any lasting damage if it flashes across someone’s eyes momentarily.

200W is 400x higher than the ‘highest danger rating’ imposed by the FDA. After all, a meagre 0.005W laser can cause eye damage, if you look so much at the point where it’s shining.

Having said that, it is incredibly awesome looking. Check the video below:

StryoPyro estimates that this is probably the most powerful portable laser ever built by a hobbyist and refers to it as his “most terrifying device yet.” Word of caution: Don’t try this at home.

His forthcoming plans include powerful pulse lasers and explosively-primed ones.

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