This ‘Dry Your Phone’ Hack Might Be Even Better Than Rice!

This might be better than rice hack for saving your smartphone if it gets wet

Just imagine the stomach-flipping feeling when your smartphone falls into water and goes beyond repair.

The best course of action that you would have probably heard from others would be to quickly find some dry rice and drop your smartphone in it. This is done under the impression that when you drop your wet smartphone in a bag full of dry rice, maybe after a day or two, or three depending on how damaged the device is, the rice sucks the moisture out and the phone is (usually) fixed!

However, according to some tests done by electronic buyer and reseller Gazelle, there’s a wet smartphone hack that’s even more effective.

This new hack is similar, but uses something you may not have thought of…KITTY LITTER! The crystal kind. The moment the smartphone drops into water, you should shake the liquid out as soon as possible, then allow it to air dry. However, if you want to try sticking your wet smartphone in something, crystal kitty litter seems to work best.

Gazelle also points out to minimize damage, it is better to turn your smartphone off for a few days while it’s chilling in the litter helps and reduces the damage.

However, if you cannot do anything without your smartphone for a couple of days, then you may think of buying a waterproof case to avoid this upsetting experience altogether.

Source: HelloGiggles

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