Google Introduces An Android Tips & Tricks Mini Site For You

Google launches ‘Tips and Tricks’ section for its Android users

Do you use an Android smartphone? Do you understand the Android Ecosystem very well? Are you looking to know more and get more out of your Android smartphone? Don’t worry.

Google has just launched a new Android ‘Tips and Tricks’ mini site that will essentially browse you through some of Android’s features and answer all your questions. In other words, this site contains the tips and tricks on all the basic and most critical functionalities of Android Operating System. The Android-specific tips appear to have been drawn from the larger Google products tips page.

For instance, there are tips on how to customize/personalize your smartphone, how to use voice commands to control your device, and how to locate your lost smartphone. Also, it teaches users about Google Photos and how it allows users access their photos from any device and from anywhere.

All these tips and tricks and much more are classified as different tabs. All you need to do is click the one you want to read and it will pop-up and give you a brief idea on how to use that particular feature. Currently, the tips and tricks are put in the following few categories hoping that these might be updated with a few more in the future:

• Privacy & Security
• Voice (interaction)
• Camera & Photo
• Battery
• Customization
• Apps
• Settings

There are also tips on how to keep your smartphone more secure, and how to stay away from malware that might be disguising itself as an app. One of the main reasons for the Android smartphones to get infected is malware.

All this information is very useful for users who are coming from an iOS ecosystem or any other operating system, or who are new to the Android platform. This page might be the best bet for such users to understand the operating system and get used to it. Also, it could have a tip or two in there that seasoned Android users might find handy as well.

If you wish to know more about the Android features, then you can click this link for details.

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