Huge home-built computer used for classic video game Tetris

This man uses massive home-built computer for Tetris

James Newman, a digital electronics engineer has developed a huge computer in the sitting room of his bungalow in Cambridge.

Newman started working on the “Megaprocessor”, which is 33ft (10m) wide and 6ft (2m) high in 2012. It does the job of a chip-sized microprocessor and he has spent $53,000 (£40,000) for building it.

It comprises of 40,000 transistors, 10,000 LED lights and weighs around half a tonne (500kg). Until now, he has used it to play the classic video game Tetris.

Newman acknowledges in a video demonstration that the game is not easy to play.

Since, he was learning about transistors and wanted to imagine how a microprocessor functioned, Newman chose to start work on the project. The components all brighten up as the enormous device performs a job.

“The machine on your desk may be a million times better than what I have built – but mine is much prettier,” he told the BBC.

“Mine has 10,000 times more LEDs.”

Newman anticipates that the Megaprocessor will be utilized as an educational tool and is preparing a series of open days at his home over the summer.

“I doubt I’ll be able to sell it,” he said.

“My dream is that it goes to a museum or educational institute so that people can learn from it.”

Source: BBC

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