Pokémon GO: Top Tips, tricks and cheats to catch Pokémons

Pokémon Go: top tips, tricks, and cheats to be the best trainer

Ever since it was released in Australia and New Zealand, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. With Nintendo seeking to release Pokémon Go official version around the world, you can only expect the frenzy to be hundred times plus. As you drive down the lane or walk down the park, you will see children and old people alike hunting for that elusive Pokémons. In this article we give you sureshot tips and tricks to hunt down Pokémons and bet the best trainer in the world.

How to play Pokémon Go – Beginner’s Tips

1. Visit parks with multiple PokéStops

The best area to get a lot of Pokémons is parks, especially parks with a good body of water, or saltwater beach parks Different terrain will help you find different types of Pokémon, while parks with multiple PokéStops ensure that you won’t run out of Poké Balls while hunting.

2. Get Pikachu as your starter character

When you start the game, the Professor will ask you to catch your first Pokémon – traditionally Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur. But rather than catch one of them, you can walk away – in real life – until your phone vibrates. You’ll be prompted again to catch one of them. Walk away again until you get the next prompt and repeat this process five times. Then Pikachu will appear and you’ll be able to capture it as your starter. If you have already started playing Pokémon Go, you will have to abandon the game and start afresh to start with Pikachu.

One simple hack can help you to cheat and beat Pokemon Go

3. Hunt in pairs

When Pokémon appear, they appear for everyone and can be caught by every person in your area. It may be a good idea to gather your Pokémon loving friends and hunt in pairs rather than going at it alone.

4. Hunt at night

Pokémons seem to be available abundantly at night. Remember to stay safe while hunting for Pokémons. As said above, it may be very good idea to form a group of friends and hunt at night.

5. How to easily capture wild Pokémon

Rustling leaves are used to show where wild Pokémon could be lurking. Once you’re trying to capture one though, the game will shift and use your smartphone camera to show the creature in augmented reality. The white ring surrounding the beastie will change depending on how likely you are to capture it – smaller is better. When it turns to green, then it’s time to throw your ball.

6. Use your radar ring to discover Pokémon

As you wander around the Pokémon world , your avatar has a small pulsing ring that glows around them. This ring is your personal radar in the game: It’s what determines whether you’re close enough to a PokéStop or Gym to use it, and it’s also what pulls Pokémon out of hiding.

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7. Visit Pokéstops

As mentioned above, these flashing blue portals can reward you with nice prizes. You’ll need to get close to them before you can spin them and reveal the hoard.

8. Watch out for your battery

Pokémon GO uses a lot of your phone’s features to work properly. It’s pulling in GPS data and using the camera as well as your cellular connection. Therefore, as expected, it’s going to heavily drain the battery on your smartphone. Both iPhones and Android phones have optional battery-saver modes that will help prolong battery life. We’d recommend activating this before stepping outside to play the game. It may also be a good idea to play the game connected to a power bank.

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9. Want to catch a lot of Pokémon quickly? Try parking lots

For some mysterious reason, Pokémons seem to love parking lots — especially if they’re near PokéStops. If you have a parking lot in your area, chances are that you may get a whole bunch of Pokémons.

10. Record player cheat

The augmented reality game requires players to walk around their homes, parks and local towns to find new Pokémon, as well as achieving goals like hatching/incubating eggs. The most common pokémon are found in the 2km eggs, with the rarest in the 10km eggs – which means you’re in for a lot of walking if you want to advance in the game. But that’s where Rusty Cage’s hack comes in. Rusty figured out that placing your phone on top of a record player, and letting it spin around, will increase your walking distance in no time at all.

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