Cheat and beat Pokemon Go with this simple trick

It seems like Pokemon Go, the widely popular mobile game, has taken over our lives, since its introduction in the market last week. However, one good thing about the game is that it has helped us discover what the outside world looks like. Using your smartphone camera, the augmented reality (AR) app places Pokemon in the real world – whether it’s in your office or down your street.

Well, it looks like now somebody has figured out a way to trick and beat the system.

As Twitter user @Thiefs shows below, you can fasten your smartphone to a robotic cleaning device to fool the game into believing you are taking steps.

While this would not help you in catching Pokemon or visiting PokeStops, it does allow you to hatch those annoying eggs without having to harness the energy to leave the comfort of your bed.

And if you do not have a robotic device, just do like this equally lazy user and ultimately put your pet to work.

If you do decide to let them off into the outside world, ensure that they are loyal. Or else, you will lose a friend and your phone.

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Source: Digital Spy


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