Pokémon Master Builds Battery Charging Pokédex Phone Case

Pokédex case keeps your phone powered up so that you can catch ’em all!

An aspiring Pokémon master by the name of NPOOLE has found a creative way to inch one step closer towards his goal. He has posted a blogpost detailing his creation on SparkFun and printed a Pokédex external battery and case to combat the game’s already legendary drain on their Galaxy S4’s resources.

The case utilizes a bit of 3D printing and three affordable components—a lithium ion battery, USB breakout, and power cell—to not only store your phone in style but also charge it. The total cost to build the charging station itself is less than $40.

NPOOLE says this is just the first iteration; he plans on adding cooling fans and extra batteries to the next revision. In the meantime you can download the design from Github if you want to 3D-print your own, and check out the original source below for more info.

Source: TheNextWeb

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