Hacking Forum BreachForums Seized by FBI and DOJ

The FBI seized BreachForums, a website infamous for publishing breached data. The seizure was made on Wednesday morning as part of an ongoing investigation into BreachForums and Raidforums.

This comes days after the Europol Platform for Experts (EPE) portal’s data was breached.

BreachForums website seized by the FBI

As the FBI goes through the backend data, netizens can contact the agency if they have information about cybercriminal activity on BreachForums.

The FBI has pulled off the seizure with the help of the Department of Justice and international partners.

BreachForums Website Seized

The website reads that the FBI now has control over the website’s backend data. This means that the investigation bureau has access to all the transactions conducted through the hacking forum.

The BreachForum website now displays logos of multiple law enforcement agencies, including the DOJ, New Zealand Police, Australian Federal Police, National Crime Agency, etc.

It has also used the profile picture of the website’s two admins, Baphomet and ShinyHunters, to allude to the fact that they will soon be behind bars.

The FBI has also gained access to the Telegram channel, and the seizure message is being sent from the admin’s account.

The FBI website for victims to provide information about BreachForums

The FBI investigation page also contains a contact form that victims can use.

The law enforcement agency has also asked internet users to provide any information to help the investigation against BreachForums v2, BreachForums v1, or Raidforums.

About BreachForums

According to the FBI, BreachForums was operational from June 2023 to May 2024. This black hat-hacking forum was home to numerous cybercrime activities, including selling breached databases, illegal services, hacking tools, and other stolen access devices.

BreachForums and associated websites have previously published, among other things, tons of leaked corporate data. These breaches included data from AT&T, Home Depot, Dell, and 23andMe.

Even though the black hat-hacking crime forum has been active for years, the sudden decision to seize it was due to a specific activity last week.

BreachForums had published leaked information from a Europol law enforcement portal last week. It seems to have crossed the limits, as the Platform for Experts (EPE) portal data was compromised.

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